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Darren Hindley

I am a British expat living in Tokyo, Japan since 1989.

I have long had an admiration and appreciation of the portrait and fashion photography of Cecil Beaton and of Horst P. Horst together with the street photography of Brassaï.

It was, however, a 2013 retrospective exhibition of the work of Erwin Blumenfeld that provided the positive motivation to take my own photographic experience to a new level.

My immediate ever-changing urban environment was a ready source of subject material, providing the opportunity to capture images of the past before being lost to new development - derelict and forgotten buildings, often makeshift at best, from the immediate post-war period, hidden alleyways, the survivors from another age, together with the casual discards of daily life. 

This website is a showcase for my photos and a record of my development as I learn and experiment with the many facets of the art of photography.


 私は、長年、セシル・ビートンやホルスト・P・ホルストの ポートレートやファッション写真、ブラッシャイの街頭写真といった 作品を感嘆の念を抱きつつ観賞してきた。